Customer friendly statements


Are your statements customer friendly?

The accuracy and accessibility of statements can have a significant impact on your customer service activity and involvement. The statement communicates your professional reputation, and when customers have a frustrating experience dissecting it they have a much higher likelihood of being disloyal at some point in the future. When done correctly, your branding will shine through at every opportunity and lead to higher customer retention rates and increased upsell opportunities.

To determine the effectiveness of your statement, start by:

  • Analyzing customer feedback and determine the pain points customers have with your statements.
  • Analyze the customer calls placed to your customer service team.
  • Determine if you are using the statement to its full potential as a marketing vehicle.
  • Create a “How to read your statement guide” and include this informational piece for new customers.
  • If you are not using color, or variable color then it’s time to start. It’s a major design tool that’s now affordable to be used to highlight and customize important parts of the statement for clarity, ease of understanding and most importantly – bringing attention to your brand.

It takes months to find a customer, and seconds to lose one. Why leave things to chance with an inefficient looking statement? Don’t let customers have a second thought about how they view your organization. Use a customer friendly statement and reduce the number of calls to your customer service team, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately increase your bottom line.


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