Statement & eStatement Marketing

Statement & eStatement Marketing

The need to convey additional marketing information is commonplace and easy to include with your outgoing statement or eStatement. The first step in the process is to group your customers by demographics. For example, your marketing communications will be interpreted differently by younger and older people groups. It is important to tailor each message accordingly for maximum impact.

Our statement designs will maximize your ability to use onserts which are printed directly on the statement during the production run. Alternatively, onserts can be included with eStatements as well and can be served as a banner ad or video shown above the eStatement, or as a hyperlink embedded in the eStatement.

In addition to onserts, we can print additional 1/3 page, ½ page or full-page, full color inserts that can be customized on the fly according to the recipient. These inserts can also be included with your eStatements.


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