Wouldn’t you like it if your file could tell you that something bad happened to it?
MetSecure is digital protection security technology that allows you to imbed a nano-operating system in your file (with a process similar to how many data owners currently encrypt their files using PGP) that travels within the file to keep it protected at all times. In addition to protection, it offers true closed-loop protection from file receipt to output management along with full audit capabilities regarding access to the data. Utilizing this technology greatly minimizes an organization’s exposure to compliance violations and fines.

If you manage protected health information, it is critical for HIPAA compliance to protect and secure data at all levels of the production process. Traditional print and mail workflows require that files be unencrypted for processing and then re-encrypted for storage. This can leave data files exposed for hours or even days while processing takes place.
MetSecure’s Advanced Features

  • Secure processing, delivery and presentment of data without ever having to decrypt the file
  • Schedule a future destruction date so the data is automatically shredded.
  • You control the location – the network and the server – on which your data can be accessed.
  • View a complete audit trail.


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