Mailing Services

Mailing Services

Taking care of all your mailing and mail related needs from Postage metering, International Mail, Packages and Kitting/Fulfillment. All mail is picked up in a secure Metro vehicle with a trained driver that will use appropriate identification/security badges and follow your security protocols when making the pickup. Our service will ensure that deep postage discounts are passed onto you that will have a positive, immediate effect on your bottom line.

Postage Metering | International Mail | Packages and Kitting/Fulfillment

Postage Metering

Leasing a postage meter machine can be costly, and it can take away from the focus of your true business. While you have the feeling of being in control of outbound mail and packages, there are better, less expensive alternatives when it comes to applying postage.

Outsourced postage metering services

  1. Alternative methods besides leasing a postage meter machine are presented, such as PC postage

Mail is picked up in Metro secure vehicle with trained driver

Appropriate identification/security badges are used

  1. Mail is sealed (if needed)
  2. Quality control checks are performed to ensure address is visible through window
  3. Correct Postage is applied to mail
  4. All mail is processed in secure HIPAA and SSAE 16 Type II Certified Automation Facility

International Mail

Mail is picked up in Metro secure vehicle with trained driver

Appropriate identification/security badges are used

  • Postage is applied to mail
  • Local destination permits are applied to mail (if needed)
  • Direct injection to Foreign Postal Administration or USPS


Streamline your shipping operation, reduce soft costs and hard costs by eliminating fuel surcharges, residential surcharges and taking advantage of a low base rate.

  1. Discounts on USPS Priority Mail
  2. Discounts on 1-13 ounce packages
  3. Custom solutions for alternative shipping needs
  4. Full tracking available
  5. No fuel surcharges
  6. No residential surcharges


Our warehouse offers an inventory management system to store, view and track inventory in a secure environment. Kitting/Fulfillment can be done on a project-by-project basis or as daily ongoing work. Deep shipping and mailing discounts are passed onto you both domestically and internationally. Use our expertise to determine the best way to ship your project so you can make design and manufacturing decisions earlier in the process to maximize value and save money.


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