Mailing List Management

Mailing List Management

Modeling & Profiling
You know who your best customers are. They buy more, they click through more and they tell you what they want. We analyze your house list and statistically profile your best business or consumer customers to reveal more information about them. Once the information has been revealed, we expand the universe to include additional prospects.

Keep the list clean
We keep your mailing lists clean. Did you know that according to the US Census the national annual move rate is 12%? The accuracy of your mailing lists is a top priority. We use CASS and NCOA processing along with other USPS return mail methods to ensure deliverability. CASS is used to standardize the addresses for maximum deliverability and will reduce the number of undeliverable mail pieces along with fixing common misspellings and clean and standardize your address records. NCOA is a national database maintained with weekly updates by the USPS which will update old addresses, ensure there are no repeat addresses on your mailing list and reduce undeliverable mail pieces.

List Acquisition
Successful marketers know that any successful campaign always starts with the list. With the right list in place you will be able to send out product and service information to potential customers who want to hear it most.

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is their buying frequency or behavior?
  • Where are they located?
  • Who are your best customers and most likely to buy, donate or be considered a top prospect?
  • What is their age, income, and more.

Common Data Selections

  • Business Data
  • Consumer Data
  • Sales Leads Data
  • New Movers
  • New Homeowners
  • Custom Lists, and more!

Starting From Scratch
Are you pioneering a new sales channel in a new industry? Don’t know who your best customers are and can’t create a Customer Profile? Trust us to move things forward in a positive direction. Start small and use a custom list list to help identify your ideal target audience. Or choose to use a saturation mailing and target every address in a selected geographic area.


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